Monday, February 2, 2009

Long month

I am sorry to everyone who keeps checking our website, waiting for an update.
We have had a busy January and I am glad it is over.
I started working towards my Master's degree, which means I am in school two nights a week, plus tons of reading and writing. I am very excited to get back into school, but there is quite an adjustment when I have been out of school for so long.
We were skiing every weekend until Kevin rolled down a double black diamond run
and hurt his shoulder. It isn't serious.
He didn't even know he hurt himself until that night when he couldn't fall asleep.

Becca got braces! I know it seems early. But I just took her in for a regular dentist and he suggested we visit an orthodontist (she only has 2 baby teeth left).
They said the earlier the better. She has had a pretty easy time. Not much pain.

We are going to Florida for 11 days so I have had to work ahead in my classes so I would have the stress of schoolwork while we are in Florida. I will update pictures sometime during our trip. We are leaving this Wednesday and going to Key West on Friday with Kim and Domineco. The following weekend we are going to visit Kevin in Gainesville and visit St. Augustine.


Mark said...

Ask Becca how she liked the pedicure - I think she is hooked!