Sunday, March 29, 2009

The best $60 I ever spent

I found a GREAT game for the Wii. It is called Outdoor Adventure. It comes with the mat the kids are standing on and has over 10 games for them to play. There is skateboarding, kayaking, rollerskating, jump roping, Wak-a-mole, and TONS more. They love it! It was only $60 at Walmart! I think it is a bargain for the amount of time they play it. Becca sweats everytime she plays it. You can have one or two players or you can have two playing together as a team. FUN! FUN!

The Basement is FINISHED!!!

This is Korey and Kurtis's room. We went with a snowboarding theme. We are going to have Kevin P make up stickers with special names for the different ski runs.
This is Korey's headboard.

This is Kurtis's headboard.

Kevin and Kurtis designed and painted the snowboards.

They finally have their own bathroom!

This is Andrew's room. He loves skateboarding.

The poster are pictures of Andrew, we printed in black and white.