Sunday, November 30, 2008

Becca~our little Snowboarder!!

Becca learned how to snowboard today.
She did great!
She is the one in the brown jacket with the blue snowpants.


tricia said...

That's great! We are going to the mountains for Christmas. We plan to go to a ski resort. The kids have only seen snow once and it was just a little. Do you think skiing or snowboarding would be easier for the boys to start with?

Monica said...

Either one is easy, as long as they want to do it. Just be sure to sign them up for lessons. It is actually pretty cheap when you look at the cost of a lift pass and renting everything. The lessons were just about $15 for 3 hours. At least that is how it works here. Within 30 minutes of her lesson, she was already on the lift. Then they practice coming slowly down the hill. We are taking the boys this weekend. I am sure they will love it too!

James Sheehan said...

As long as I can get back here before monday I am coming too.. I want to snow board.. Do you think B can show me how?

Gary said...

How cute! Looks like it was fun. I'd probably have a hard time with it.