Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He made it!

Kevin is officially "home" for the next 4 months.
He will post pictures, but as we all know, getting Kevin to give details is quite a chore. I will post information as he tells me things.....
He arrived in Spain this morning around 6:00 am my time, 1:00pm in Spain.
We learned a lot about traveling with his "cheap" flight from Paris to Madrid.
The plane ticket was only $100- BARGAIN! But the maximum weight on his
suitcases were 44 pounds, instead of the standard US 50 pounds.
So he had 2 suitcases overweight and had to paid for each kilogram he was over.
He said he had to pay an additional $300 to get his suitcases to Madrid! NOT GOOD!
But there was no other choice. He couldn't leave his things in Paris!
I guess we will have to learn some lessons the hard (and expensive) way.
But he is in Madrid and he is moved into his little, teeny apartment.
He has a shelf in the refrigerator for his food.
He has a dresser, desk, bed, and bathroom in his room.
He went grocery shopping with people from his building, no one from USA.
He ordered pizza and ate with everyone. I think it is a great experience for him.
I am very happy that he has such a wonderful opportunity.